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Polyethylene PE100 Spigot Fittings

  • Pipes, fittings, valves and other components need to be connected safely and reliably.
  • Whether in water or gas distribution, for mains lines and service lines a safe connection is always a primary concern… GF Piping Systems has the right solution even for your most difficult connections.
  • GF is considered to be a pioneer, as well as one of the best known producers, utilising the most advanced technology in the world. The GF Spigot range includes Elbows, Bends Tee’s, Reducers ,Flanged adaptors and many more.
  • For specific part numbers and fitting information or to request a Georg Fischer Electrofusion Brochure please discuss your needs with our Sales Team.

For more information on our range of Polyethylene PE Spigot Fittings click here.



  • Wide range of Reducers available from 25 x 20mm to 400 x 355mm diameter
  • PE100 SDR11 suitable for 16 bar Water, 10 bar Gas.



  • Our range of long spigot elbows are available as 45° and 90° options. The 90° elbows are available in 20 – 400mm and the 45° elbows are available in 25 – 400mm.
  • PE100 SDR11 suitable for 16 bar Water, 10 bar Gas.



  • Our long spigot tee range contains equal tees in 20mm to 400mm, reduced branch tees metal system in sizes 63 x 32mm up to 315 x 250mm, flanged branch tees which allow you to connect to a metal system in sizes 63 x 50mm up to 315 x 150mm and all flanged equal tees in 110 x 100mm up to 315 x 300mm.

Stub Flanges


  • A stub flange allows you to connect a PE system to another system such as ductile iron through the use of a backing ring.
  • Available in sizes 32mm through to 400mm – this range of products can also be supplied as a stub flange assembly.

End Caps


  • Our long spigot end caps provide a solution to close off the end of a PE pipeline system and are available in sizes 20mm to 400mm.

Bends and Mitred Elbows


  • Our range includes 90°, 45°, 22.5° and 11.25° degree formed bends and elbows in sizes 90mm to 400mm