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Butt Fusion Machines


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  • Alprene Plastic Products supply both ‘Field’ and ‘Workshop’ Butt Fusion machines from 63mm – 1600mm diameter.
  • Our current range of Butt Fusion machines is available in Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic and Manual formats.
  • Constantly improved in terms of practical design features and software upgrades, latest version brings together a machine packed with innovative ideas in order to ensure that our range remains a favourite in the market.

The Fully Automatic range incorporates all the features and refinements expected from a leading brand… including:

  • Compact, lightweight, robust design
  • Narrow width construction and convenient handles for trench use
  • Easily converted on site for ‘pupping’ capability (most machines)
  • Automatic, fully floating ‘lock-on’ Trimmer
  • Fully floating ‘drop-on’ Hotplate
  • Capacity to weld various polymers including: Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polybuthen (Flexalen PB – pipe systems)

We offer a workshop to repair all Butt Fusion machines and tools.

For more information on our range of Butt Fusion machines click here.