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Alprene Plastic Products (Pty) Ltd was established in 1988 in Cape Town, South Africa in partnership with Alprene Srl of Bologna Italy. Within 10 years this company grew to become a market leader in Southern Africa with Branches in Midrand, Durban, Klerksdorp, and Cape Town. During this period the company sold only compression fittings and saddles sourced exclusively from Alprene Srl.

In 1998 the Swiss multi-national company +GF+ Georg Fischer AG purchased Alprene Bologna Srl. The Alprene shares in Alprene Plastic Products were purchased by South Africans which to this day remains a 100% South African company. The company has a BBEEE Level 4 rating and is striving to achieve an even better level. Alprene Plastic Products is an affirmative action employer.

In 1998 Alprene Plastic Products added +GF+ Georg Fischer electrofusion, and Tecnoplastic PVC to its range. This was the beginning of an expansion which today allows our clients to solve just about all possible jointing challenges from one supplier.

In 2001 Alprene secured a national distribution deal with Petzetakis-Africa. With this deal Petzetakis-Africa became the sole stockist and distributor whilst Alprene maintained its position as importer. The deal lasted until 2006.

In 2006 Alprene once more became the stockist and distributor.


Today Alprene Plastic Products operates from a central store in Cape Town from which it efficiently distributes all over Southern Africa.

The product pallet continued to grow and now includes:

  • Alprene: Poly16plus compression and saddles
  • +GF+ Georg Fischer: Electrofusion, Buttfusion and Machines
  • Irritec: quick coupling valves and PP threaded fittings
  • Tecnoplastics: PVC solvent weld fittings and valves
  • Pimtas: PVC solvent weld fittings
  • Arag: Filters and Cam-lock fittings
  • Viking Johnson UK:Couplings
  • Plastic pipe: including PE, PVC, PP, multi-layer, and various industrial pipes

Alprene Plastic Products offers formal and informal product training anywhere in Southern Africa for all product ranges we supply. We employ a team of highly trained, competent personnel aiming to offer solutions to all piping applications. We have a +GF+ authorised training centre in Cape Town. Please contact us to discuss our rates.

Alprene Plastic Products have longstanding mutually exclusive partnerships with suppliers.

Alprene Plastic Products offer a fully equipped workshop to service, maintain, and re-calibrate butt-fusion and electro fusion welding machines. We rent electro-fusion and butt-fusion machines as well as tools and accessories.


We employ a team of highly trained, competent personnel aiming to offer solutions to all piping applications. We have a +GF+ authorised training centre in Cape Town.

We offer a very in depth three day course which deals with all relevant aspects of plastic pipe fusion. In order to achieve any benefit at all, all delegates are therefore expected to attend the full duration of the training.

The course concludes with an exam which if passed will offer delegates an official +GF+ certificate of competence. This course is designed to generically deal with all aspects of plastic pipe fusion and is not intended to specifically market any particular brand. Please contact us to discuss our rates.